Management Information System

What is Management Information System?
Management Information System or commonly known as MIS is a computerised database that is built for storing financial information. The information is then organised and processed in such a way that it starts producing steady reports regarding every single level of management in the company.
Definition of Management Information System or MIS
In other words, management information system can be defined as:
Management information system is a computerised study of people, technology, organsiations, businesses and the relations between them.
Apart from that; Management Information System can also be used to effectively gather special reports from within the system.
Significance and Usage of Management Information System
The core purpose of Management Information System is to let managers know how they are performing. As for the top tier managers, they can effectively manage the entire company as a whole. The information that gets displayed by Management Information System (MIS) is actual data instead of […]

Best Ways to Learn French Online

Top Ways to Learn French Online
English has been the most widely spoken language for decades now however, with the advent of globalization, French is becoming one of the most frequently taught languages in school worldwide.  If you want to learn French language for the love of the culture, ideas, people and lifestyle or it’s merely a necessity because you have to move to France for work or family whichever might be the reason this is the ultimate guide to help you learn in a quick and enjoyable manner.

You probably have wished you can memorize and learn French by only staring at the screen. If so you have also tried a bunch of different sites online from the thousands available, but you didn’t go back to it more than once or twice, probably because it wasn’t interesting to grasp your attention for long, wasn’t relevant enough or you could just not […]

5 Fun Gaming Websites To Master The Art Of Learning French

Learning French the Easy Way: Fun Websites Offering French Learning Games
Learning anything new can be quite a daunting prospect – particularly when it comes to mastering new languages. Mix up a bit of French in the equation and we have a proper challenge on our hands!

In today’s ever increasingly connected world, learning new languages is a necessity!

But do not fret – with proper hard work, dedication, and effort, the task of learning French can be made easy and even fun! So if you didn’t grow up with learning French in your school, here’s your chance!

Agreed, learning French is a challenge, but in the words of British rock band Coldplay’s song from ‘The Scientist’, “Nobody said it was easy, No one ever said it would be so hard!”
Top 5 Gaming Websites for Learning French
In this article, we’ll show you exactly how you can make learning French a fun activity for you. […]

Technology in Schools

Power of Technology in Schools and Education Sector
Technology is the most powerful phenomenon that can transform people’s way of learning. There’s a huge probability of finding yourself in a classroom which doesn’t have traditional white or black boards instead you’ll see children using tablets or laptops. Your sight might come across bunch of pens, photocopied sheets and textbooks can still be seen in schools where technology has taken over.

Educationalists are of the opinion that a new core for studies should be acknowledged, focusing on skills that brings well equipped learners for entering the market and holding esteemed positions. The skills will include creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration.
How Technology Helps Teachers?
Technology strives to help teachers expand beyond text dependant learning which is linear and engross students who grab the concept best through different exciting ways. It’s comparatively convenient for a teacher to read out the content directly from any multimedia […]

Marketing Information System

What is Marketing Information System?
Marketing Information System or commonly know as MkIS is a management information system that was designed with the purpose of aiding in marketing decision making.
Definition of Marketing Information System or MkIS
Marketing Information System can also be defined as:
Such type of system in which all the marketing data is officially collected, stored, examined and then sent out to the managers according to their informational requirements. All of this takes place in a timely manner to ensure that the managers don’t miss out on important data.
In addition to the definition above, marketing information system can also be defined as
A system which is created to examine and evaluate marketing information that is consistently collected from different sources that reside both on the inside and outside of the business organisation.
We can also define marketing information system as a collection of several different methods and processes that can be used for the […]

Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Learning Mandarin Chinese With the Help of YouTube Channels
As China is becoming one of the leading economies of the world, more and more people want to learn the language, either for work or just for the interest of culture. If you are a Chinese student or someone who is eager to learn the Mandarin Chinese language but have already tried the usual tools to improve their knowledge like websites and blogs with no results. You are missing out on the internet’s most fun and useful video platform – YouTube.

YouTube is a free source of unlimited knowledge at your disposal that can be accessed with merely a few clicks of a finger.  When it comes to learning Mandarin Chinese, it is fairly hard to find a channel which relates to you in terms of presentation, since a quick Google search will produce tons of different channels you have no idea about. […]

Business Information Systems

What is a Business Information System (BIS)?
Business Information System (BIS) refers to a system that integrates different components of information technology, human resource and business for processing and control in an organization to improve the decision making process effectively. All the resources including people meant to assist a firm to conduct planning, coordination and operational activities.
Importance of Business Information System (BIS)
In today’s technology prone world, the significance of Business Information System (BIS) cannot be ignored at any cost as it effectively employs IT to bring improvement in business operations. Here are few of the key points that highlight the importance of Business Information System for organizations:

It facilitates organizations to creatively resolve business problems through the use of fresh and advanced technological devices in an innovative manner.
It effectively develops communication channels through linking various components of information and business functions to provide firms with the required data tools to make appropriate […]

Accounting Information Systems

What is an Accounting Information System or AIS?
An accounting information system which also goes by AIS is a system which is used to gather, store and process all the financial and accounting data that is then used by decision makers around the world. For those who don’t know, most of the times the accounting information system is entirely based on computer and is used for going after accounting activity that is coinciding with the resources of information technology.

Once the results have been produced in the form of statistical reports, they can be used by management from with in. However, third parties can also use the statistical reports; the third parties usually include investors, tax authorities and creditors. Accounting information systems are allowed to perform by the following physical devices:

Model Base System.
Internal control and security systems (these are used to make sure that the data is secure)

History of Accounting Information System
In […]

Learn Chinese Language: 5 Songs That Will Help You Improve Your Dialect

Top Songs for Learning Chinese Language
The potential for music to act as a platform to learn new languages is widely ignored and even misunderstood. How often do you see yourself hymning lyrics of your favorite song? – This is repeated numerous times in a day, many times subconsciously. Repeating certain words of lyrics over and over again pretty much serves the purpose of learning new phrases of a particular language – All in good fun not to mention!

There have been proper research into this subject matter in order to observe how much learning can happen by singing in a foreign language and does it improve your knowledge of a foreign language? So science agrees; new languages can definitely be learnt with the help of music. The same of course goes for learning Chinese language as well.
Want to Learn Chinese With the Help of Music? – It’s No Easy Task!
But it’s […]

Tips for Teaching as a Second Language

Essential Tips for Teaching as a Second Language
Learning a second language opens up new possibilities for people to explore, including their culture, lifestyle which is very different from their own. Some people choose to study a second language for the love of it others might just have to because either they have to move to a foreign country or their work environments demands them too. Being fluent in second language is one of the most valuable skills one can own and impart in others.
Second Language Teaching: Guidelines to Follow
Here are a few tips to use in the classroom to make your students as excited about the second language as you are.
Problem Solving Role-Play
Give each of your students a task to perform, it could be as simple as grocery shopping. Do this in teams, so that they can communicate with each other , work on the script, help each other out […]