Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Learning Mandarin Chinese With the Help of YouTube Channels
As China is becoming one of the leading economies of the world, more and more people want to learn the language, either for work or just for the interest of culture. If you are a Chinese student or someone who is eager to learn the Mandarin Chinese language but have already tried the usual tools to improve their knowledge like websites and blogs with no results. You are missing out on the internet’s most fun and useful video platform – YouTube.

YouTube is a free source of unlimited knowledge at your disposal that can be accessed with merely a few clicks of a finger.  When it comes to learning Mandarin Chinese, it is fairly hard to find a channel which relates to you in terms of presentation, since a quick Google search will produce tons of different channels you have no idea about. […]

Learn Chinese Language: 5 Songs That Will Help You Improve Your Dialect

Top Songs for Learning Chinese Language
The potential for music to act as a platform to learn new languages is widely ignored and even misunderstood. How often do you see yourself hymning lyrics of your favorite song? – This is repeated numerous times in a day, many times subconsciously. Repeating certain words of lyrics over and over again pretty much serves the purpose of learning new phrases of a particular language – All in good fun not to mention!

There have been proper research into this subject matter in order to observe how much learning can happen by singing in a foreign language and does it improve your knowledge of a foreign language? So science agrees; new languages can definitely be learnt with the help of music. The same of course goes for learning Chinese language as well.
Want to Learn Chinese With the Help of Music? – It’s No Easy Task!
But it’s […]

List of Chinese Language Schools in Taiwan

Extensive List of Chinese Language Schools in Taiwan
Taiwan is considered as one of the best destinations that offer several reputed Chinese language schools. These schools are also famous for teaching Taiwanese as well as Hakka and Cantonese. The latter two languages aren’t as popular though. We have narrowed down a number of Chinese language schools in Taiwan along with their names and name of cities they are located in.

Check them out below

Tzu Chi University: The university is located in Hualien City, Hualien County. Speaking of courses, the university has its own centre for language studies. The university aims to provide the best language courses to students so they can learn to communicate better. Apart from Chinese, the university also has a department of English language and literature. Visit the university’s website for more details.
Taiwan Mandarin Institute: Taiwan Mandarin Institute is situated in Da’an District, […]

Best iPhone Applications to Learn Chinese

Learn Chinese With the Help of Best iPhone Applications
Thinking about placing China in your ‘must visit’ bucket list? You will definitely need to make a sincere effort to learn Chinese first. Knowing the local language always helps and even gives you an advantage against those people who lack fluency in Chinese.
Basics of Chinese Language
China’s official language is called as ‘Mandarin Chinese’ and has more than 1 billion people who speak the language. Judging by this sheer number, Chinese is probably the most known and used language in the world right now.

Once you have made the decision to learn Chinese, you need to first understand how the language is actually made. First and foremost, Chinese is a tonal language which basically means it has varying degree of pitches; one word can literally have 5 different meanings according to the context to which it is used. Similarly, the grammar that is used […]

10 Best Chinese Language Programs in China

Chinese Language Programs For Learning Chinese

In case you’re brainstorming about attending a Chinese language program in China, but are double-minded which one to opt for, there is a consensus of about best 10 Chinese language programs in China.

Their curriculum is fantastic and services superb. Although there are countless language schools in China, 10 best language programs have been streamlined for your convenience. Figure out which one is most feasible for you to attend and get started in that direction. Following is the list of best 10 Chinese language services in China.

1. IMandarin Training Institute

IMandarin provides complete online resource for you to learn Chinese online. A complete course overview can be found here.

This institute is the leading Chinese teaching school amongst the best 10 Chinese language programs in China, with its 10 various campuses in Shanghai, Dalian, Guangzhou, and Beijing. […]

Learn Chinese Fast with Easy Steps

Quick and Easy Tips for Learning Chinese in 5 Minutes

The Chinese language is the most extensively spoken language in the world with 1.1 billion speakers. It is the second most rampant language used online, with almost 15 % of internet users speaking Mandarin Chinese. There are some aspects of the Chinese language which makes it easier to learn it faster than other languages.

Chinese has a very simplified grammar compared to English and other Neo-Latin language because its words do not change in the past, present or future according to tenses. Learn the Chinese language quickly by stressing upon appropriate, easier  learning objectives and temporarily put off learning complex words.  If you want to learn Chinese fast, follow these guidelines and you will achieve rapid results.

Begin with Chinese Alphabets

Start off your learning journey by first learning its alphabets called Chinese Pinyin. If you want to learn Chinese fast, go through […]

Chinese Language Schools in New Zealand

Learning Chinese Language in New Zealand

With the whole world agreeing to the fact that China is becoming a stronger, & stronger global economic power every day, it makes perfect sense for someone to want and become fluent in the Chinese language. Though there are many options available throughout the world in terms of the country one chooses to study in, Chinese language schools in New Zealand happen to be one of the more popular choices for various reasons.

With that said, let us now explore the various options available to international students hunting for Chinese language schools in New Zealand.

Education Model in New Zealand

The education model in New Zealand works on the 3-tier system model that is comprised of primary schools, subsequently followed by secondary schools (more commonly referred to as ‘high schools’) and then moving onto universities, colleges and polytechnics, referred to as tertiary education.

With the outstanding quality […]

Learn Chinese Online for Free with Games and Audio with Simple & Easy Guide

It is assumed by most linguists that Chinese is a language difficult to learn because of its quality of being tonal meaning. It is supposed to employs variations in pitch to distinguish meanings of otherwise similar words. Others argue that because there are no emotions involved in the language like English and requires a lot of memorization; it takes a good amount of forbearance to learn even the basic rules of Chinese. In fact, Chinese like any other language is easy to master.

Three things you need to learn Chinese are:



A reliable Internet connection

Understanding the Characters in Chinese Language

Why I said persistence and interest? That’s because the pattern, pronunciation and written form of every character in Chinese is different in appearance and meaning from the other, no matter how similar they appear to us. To understand and memorize these characters, you need to […]

How Much Time It Takes to Learn Chinese Calligraphy

Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy

Literally meaning Beautiful Art, calligraphy or orshufa is a form of visual art. The history of Chinese calligraphy is as ancient as China itself. Of the four major disciplines of Chinese literati, calligraphy is regarded as the most elite and sophisticated of the skills; others being musical instruments, painting and board games. Chinese calligraphy is popular across the globe because of the beauty which is reflected from its precisely crafted pattern of characters. Although many calligraphers in China have devoted their entire lives for the love of calligraphy but the names of few pioneers still top the list and even today, the techniques and unique styles of ancient calligraphy invented by them are practiced religiously. Ouyang Xun, Yan Zhengqing and Wang Xizhi were the three calligraphers who reached the realms of calligraphy; and are still highly respected for the contribution they made towards the furtherance of this […]