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It is assumed by most linguists that Chinese is a language difficult to learn because of its quality of being tonal meaning. It is supposed to employs variations in pitch to distinguish meanings of otherwise similar words. Others argue that because there are no emotions involved in the language like English and requires a lot of memorization; it takes a good amount of forbearance to learn even the basic rules of Chinese. In fact, Chinese like any other language is easy to master.

Three things you need to learn Chinese are:

  • Persistence
  • Interest
  • A reliable Internet connection

Understanding the Characters in Chinese Language

Why I said persistence and interest? That’s because the pattern, pronunciation and written form of every character in Chinese is different in appearance and meaning from the other, no matter how similar they appear to us. To understand and memorize these characters, you need to show persistence and a strong will to learn from inside. I tell you, at one point, you will get miffed by this odd language and would want to quit; hold your reigns right there and let your interest and passion for Chinese flow out.

Learning Chinese from the Web for Free

Do you know that if you have a high speed Internet connection at home/office, you can learn Chinese from the web for free? This means you don’t need to get yourself enrolled in any linguistic college and pay heavy fee. Sounds cool! There are many websites which provide you list of Chinese alphabets, proverbs, vocabulary, translation tools and grammar in audio and video formats. Some sites also allow you to contact an expert in Chinese language in case you are unable to grasp any of the mentioned elements.

A Few Online Resources to Learn Chinese

Learn Chinese

On LearnChinese, you can learn everything about Chinese language from scratch including its history, how it is related to Chinese culture, vocabulary, correct usage of grammar and the best feature is that it even allows you to practice Chinese speaking and writing without asking for any fee. You can even subscribe to the newsletter which is quite helpful in learning Chinese. To avail this service, all you have to do is provide your email address and name and every month, the newsletter will automatically reach your inbox.



Chinese-Tools is another popular website which offers you a step by step guidance towards learning Chinese. It contains a series of audio lectures based on various aspects of Chinese language. You can also take forty lectures which have been designed by experts to make you learn Chinese in an easy and appropriate manner.


LearningChineseOnline is another resource for gaining a moderate aptitude of Chinese. The website shares more or less similar features with the aforementioned websites. What separates it from the pack is its section which offers you access to the Chinese language database and directs you to online bookstores where you can purchase books and CDs/DVDs at reasonable prices. The website also connects you to various colleges and universities which offer courses in Chinese language; the course charges and duration are kept at optimum.

Check out these cool sites and enjoy your friends with Chinese language. Happy learning!