Your Best Fast and Easiest Ways to Learn German

In case you’re wondering what is the easiest way to learn German, approach it like you would when learning anything new; start small & go towards the bigger stuff. Learning any new language can be intimidating and an uphill task.

German is often referred to as a guttural language, sounding much similar to Dutch and Russian in utterance. It is an official language of Germany and one of the widely used languages in Europe, especially Eastern Europe.

Develop a passion for this language; anything pursued with passion is bound to reap positive results. The following tips will help you learn German language very smoothly and conveniently.

Enroll Yourself in a German Language Program

Enroll yourself in a college or university with a German language program class. This is perhaps the easiest way to learn German phrases and proper pronunciation of words. It will also introduce you to basic German rules that are indispensible to learning the language and speaking properly.

Most community colleges have a German language program; so check with your community education services to seek German language class availability and enroll yourself in one. 

Hook Yourself Up With a German Exchange Program

Sign up for a language exchange program, either on personal basis or through your university. These programs are brilliant measures to easily learn the German language.

This program essentially couples you up with a German speaking student who teaches you German, and who wishes to learn your mother language in exchange. In this manner, assimilation of German Language becomes very easy to stick on your tongue.

Seek Services From a Private Tutor

Probably, the easiest way to learn German is to hire the services of a private tutor, and conduct an ample amount of independent study to perfect your language skills. The biggest advantage of tutors is that they provide one-on-one instruction, which is usually scarce in a traditional classroom set-up. The tutors will directly instruct you, enhance your linguistic skills and pinpoint errors, if any.

The availability of tutors can be sought through newspaper advertisements, college programs or by online surfing.

Integrate German in Your Everyday Life

Think of at least 10-15 common everyday use words such as car, keys, plate, and shirt and look them up in an English- Germany dictionary. Write them down on a separate notepad and make a target to learn them for the day.

Follow this pattern daily and you will be adding on to your vocabulary tremendously. It will be fun when you will start incorporating German in your everyday life making your ears more and more familiar with the language.

Take Help From a German Language Software

Purchase a language learning software program for a self-paced German study. Rosetta Stone or Transparent Language are wonderful tools that you can use on your own to enrich your German language skills.

These software tools have been proven highly beneficial, and in fact according to Rosetta Stone, Rosetta Stone is extensively employed and endorsed by the U.S. State Department and many other government organizations for linguistic tutorials.

Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice reading, writing, and speaking German loudly whenever you have time. Practice is an essential element to comprehend the language, and perfecting your German articulation skills. A good time to practice speaking aloud is when you’re fresh in the morning, before you go to bed at night, or during your lunch break.


Now that you’ve figured out what is the easiest way to learn German, you can get started, and have fun when you’re at it.