Learning and Speaking German

How To Learn German Language

Guten Tag! (Hello)

No language is easy to learn but when it comes to learning German, anyone can master it easily because of its simple and noble rules. German is a logical and orderly language with foundation adopted from Greek and Latin just like English.

German is closely related to English so, English speakers are much comfortable in learning German as compared to Spanish and French; two languages widely learned by people across the globe after English.

Quick Guidelines to Learn German Fast

Here are a few tips which will be of much help to those who really want to know how to learn German:

  • Tell yourself that you want to learn German because without a strong will from inside, learning won’t last.
  • Spend some bucks on purchasing quality books on vocabulary, grammar guides, poetry and novels in German; also buy tutorials in forms of audio and video cassettes to build a comprehensive understanding of German language and its norms.
  • Make it a daily practice to translate words and small phrases of English into German; this will speed up the language learning process and you will feel more involved.
  • Whether you are at office, school, travelling or having a relaxing day at home, always carry in your pocket a small notepad and pen and write down words and verbs in German as they strike your mind and then revise later. With this practice, your ability to memorize will certainly improve.
  • Before diving into the advanced stuff, you should first learn how to write and pronounce your name, your address and names of daily use items in German.
  • If you have friends or colleagues who can understand and communicate in German; their assistance can really pay off.
  • In order to make the hard process of language learning a little less overwhelming, watch German dramas and movies on television and listen to German songs; this will bring you more close to the language and culture.

Resources for Learning German Language

In addition to the above tips, you can use the following online resources to learn German language:

German Language Dictionary and Translation


The site provides a comprehensive list of over 10,000 commonly used words and phrases and which are monthly updated. There is an option to enter a word either in German or English language for translation.


Word Lingo is an international service for free translation for a wide range of languages, words and phrases. Their database is maintained and updated by professionals and experts to serve businesses, students and travellers throughout the world.


Ego4u is a web translation service, also offering complete guide on German language with great resources on writing, grammar, vocabulary and tests for online language learning.


The site is a great online resource for beginners to learn and practice German words and phrases.

Additional Tips

Whenever you are in conversation with a German, make sure you choose to the right vocabulary, verbs, nouns and tenses in your speech because Germans are very sensitive about their language and foreigners who possess a good understanding of German language are highly respected. Happy learning! Tschüß (Goodbye).