Benefits of Online Education

Advantages of Online Education
Online education is getting more and more famous by each day. According to a research conducted in 2014, almost 7.0 million students are enrolled in an at least 1 online class. This is 5 times the number as compared to results from earlier years. In shorter words; online education is rapidly growing and consistently improving. Because of the rise in online education, even the institutes that are offering higher education have started their own online curriculum to help the students save their time and study online.
How Online Education can Benefit the Students?
According to a research in 2012, nearly 82 percent schools are now offering their coursework online. This largely helps the students who, for some reason, can’t attend schools find it better to study online. Not only schools, even reputed colleges and universities have started offering their full degrees online. This results in students earning their degrees […]

A Guide to Distance Learning Courses

All You Need to Know About Distance Learning Courses
While technology has advanced the way we live by leaps and bounds it has also removed barriers we previously faced in attaining the desirable education. Financial and travel constraints, family commitments, visa problems, time barriers and other problems have all been solved by the help of online education. Over the past few years the trend of online courses and free lectures available on the internet has also given much hype to this method of learning. Recent surveys suggest that students as well as instructors now choose long distance learning rather than going to universities.
What is Distance Learning?
Distant learning provides an opportunity to perspective students world-wide to study the course of their choice remotely, without having daily face to face interaction with the instructor in a classroom setting.

The freedom that comes with adopting this approach is obvious.  Distant learning gives students access to […]

Top 6 Online Learning Resources You Should Check Out

Free Online Learning Resources Everyone Should Check Out
It’s human nature to be always looking for something new. Humans by instinct absorb information in their surroundings. Some people even make their new year’s resolution to actively look for something new and then learn and implement in their daily routine.

In this digital age, learning something has literally become a piece of cake. Pretty much anyone with an internet connection can look for virtually any topic and find millions of online learning resources to learn from. Gone are the days when education (or any sort of knowledge for that matter) was really hard to find. You had to personally visit the biggest libraries in your vicinity to look for specific books and reports of specific topics.
Best Online Learning Resources for Computer Studies and Technology
Now you can find even the most niche topics within minutes. The information is not just limited to text but […]

Importance and Need of Education Information Technology

How Can Education Information Technology be Helpful?
What does education do to our lives? Does it bring any changes? Or brings any diversity in life? Is there any serious and influential impact of education information technology in our world? The answer to these bunch of questions leads us to a more realistic and practical approach. Education information technology brings tremendous changes into, not only our lives but even societies.

The inception of new technologies and models of spreading education allows us to reflect, rethink and reconsider many aspects of education in terms of time, location, credentials, credit, sharing and knowledge creation (foremost priority of the concept). Hence, with the addition of new technologies in education, more learners reach greater impact.
What is Education Information Technology?
The three words mentioned above might look like one concept but that’s not true. The actual concept hidden behind it is the same but there are two terms put […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Over the past few years, distance learning has emerged as a popular and an acceptable mode of acquiring academic credentials. With no traffic commute and money spent on fuel, an individual can add to his or her academic standing through distance learning.

But as every system has few pros and cons associated with them, there are also advantages and disadvantages of distance learning which need to be examined carefully. Let us carefully look at the advantages and disadvantages of correspondence courses.

Few advantages and disadvantages of distance learning are:

Advantages of Distance Learning

Flexible Pace

With an online learning system, students can access their course from anywhere provided they have an internet access and a computer. This enables students to study when and where ever it’s feasible for them without managing the class attendance hassle amidst of a busy routine.

No Travelling Costs

Signing up for online courses is an effective method of reducing gas […]

What is Distance Learning?

Definition of Distance Learning

Knowing what is Distance Learning proves to be extremely fruitful for those individuals who are anxious to learn & enhance their academic standing but are caught deep in the hustle bustle & responsibilities of daily life.

Distance learning can be defined as,

“A mode of education, usually college or university level academics, that allows students to work at from home or work at their own pace while keeping in touch with the instructor via video conferencing, chat applications, discussion forums, email and instant messaging”.

Distance learning programs typically include online writing courses, language learning, and online degree programs.

Types of Distance Learning Programs

Knowing how does distance learning work & the various options that it offers enable students to choose the alternative which best fits their needs, routine & lifestyle.

Levels in Distance Learning Education

Distance learning schools

Distance learning colleges

Distance learning summer programs

Types of […]