Best Ways to Learn French Online

Top Ways to Learn French Online
English has been the most widely spoken language for decades now however, with the advent of globalization, French is becoming one of the most frequently taught languages in school worldwide.  If you want to learn French language for the love of the culture, ideas, people and lifestyle or it’s merely a necessity because you have to move to France for work or family whichever might be the reason this is the ultimate guide to help you learn in a quick and enjoyable manner.

You probably have wished you can memorize and learn French by only staring at the screen. If so you have also tried a bunch of different sites online from the thousands available, but you didn’t go back to it more than once or twice, probably because it wasn’t interesting to grasp your attention for long, wasn’t relevant enough or you could just not […]

5 Fun Gaming Websites To Master The Art Of Learning French

Learning French the Easy Way: Fun Websites Offering French Learning Games
Learning anything new can be quite a daunting prospect – particularly when it comes to mastering new languages. Mix up a bit of French in the equation and we have a proper challenge on our hands!

In today’s ever increasingly connected world, learning new languages is a necessity!

But do not fret – with proper hard work, dedication, and effort, the task of learning French can be made easy and even fun! So if you didn’t grow up with learning French in your school, here’s your chance!

Agreed, learning French is a challenge, but in the words of British rock band Coldplay’s song from ‘The Scientist’, “Nobody said it was easy, No one ever said it would be so hard!”
Top 5 Gaming Websites for Learning French
In this article, we’ll show you exactly how you can make learning French a fun activity for you. […]

Top French Language Films for Learning French

How to Improve Your French Learning with French Language Films?
French is one of the most beautiful and most romantic languages of the world. It is elegant, posh fun to speak and listen. However, when it comes to learning French, things get a bit difficult. Yes, there is always an option to enroll in a language learning centre but that takes time.

French is a language of passion, and it is one of the most multi-layered languages you will ever come across. As a fan of different languages, the best way to learn a language is by being passionate and determined about it. Taking French classes might bore you, you’re not the only one who’s being bored by them. These classes lack creativity and the learning process is too encumbered.
What is the Best Way of Learning French?
So what is the best way of learning French without really having to attend classes? For […]

Valuable French Dictionary Resources for Learning French Language

Using a French Dictionary (Dictionnaire Francais)

Whether you’re just trying to learn a new language, or actually trying to communicate with a business prospect in France, a French dictionary (dictionnaire francais) can be quite handy. A productive collection of French phrases and French words can really make life easy in terms of interacting with French natives.

Albeit, using a French dictionary that suits your individual needs can be quite tricky. Whilst a student might use a quick online resource, a scholarly attempt requires a more traditional French dictionary. Let’s explore the options.

The following are traditional French dictionaries that have been around for quite a while, and part of mainstream French scholarly expeditions.

Dictionnaire de l’Académie Française

The official dictionary of the French language, the Académie Française is France’s official authority on the usages, vocabulary, and grammar of the French language. A special Commission (Commission du Dictionnaire) composed of several of the members of […]

How To Learn French?

Importance of Speaking and Learning French Language


After English, French is a language spoken by more then a hundred and seventy five people in approximately twenty nine countries. French is widely taught in majority of colleges and universities across the globe.

French is regarded as one of the most emotional and romantic of all the languages and this is why you come across a lot of romantic novels and poems which have been translated from French.

This article will serve as a quick guide for those who really want to know how to learn French.

Free French Learning Tips for Beginners

Buy a Good French Dictionary and Grammar Guide

The foremost thing you need to do is buy a handy English to French dictionary; spend a reasonable time understanding how a word in English is spelled and pronounced in French. Also purchase a quality book on French grammar so as to familiarize yourself […]