Best Ways to Learn French Online

Top Ways to Learn French Online
English has been the most widely spoken language for decades now however, with the advent of globalization, French is becoming one of the most frequently taught languages in school worldwide.  If you want to learn French language for the love of the culture, ideas, people and lifestyle or it’s merely a necessity because you have to move to France for work or family whichever might be the reason this is the ultimate guide to help you learn in a quick and enjoyable manner.

You probably have wished you can memorize and learn French by only staring at the screen. If so you have also tried a bunch of different sites online from the thousands available, but you didn’t go back to it more than once or twice, probably because it wasn’t interesting to grasp your attention for long, wasn’t relevant enough or you could just not […]

5 Fun Gaming Websites To Master The Art Of Learning French

Learning French the Easy Way: Fun Websites Offering French Learning Games
Learning anything new can be quite a daunting prospect – particularly when it comes to mastering new languages. Mix up a bit of French in the equation and we have a proper challenge on our hands!

In today’s ever increasingly connected world, learning new languages is a necessity!

But do not fret – with proper hard work, dedication, and effort, the task of learning French can be made easy and even fun! So if you didn’t grow up with learning French in your school, here’s your chance!

Agreed, learning French is a challenge, but in the words of British rock band Coldplay’s song from ‘The Scientist’, “Nobody said it was easy, No one ever said it would be so hard!”
Top 5 Gaming Websites for Learning French
In this article, we’ll show you exactly how you can make learning French a fun activity for you. […]

Learn Chinese Language: 5 Songs That Will Help You Improve Your Dialect

Top Songs for Learning Chinese Language
The potential for music to act as a platform to learn new languages is widely ignored and even misunderstood. How often do you see yourself hymning lyrics of your favorite song? – This is repeated numerous times in a day, many times subconsciously. Repeating certain words of lyrics over and over again pretty much serves the purpose of learning new phrases of a particular language – All in good fun not to mention!

There have been proper research into this subject matter in order to observe how much learning can happen by singing in a foreign language and does it improve your knowledge of a foreign language? So science agrees; new languages can definitely be learnt with the help of music. The same of course goes for learning Chinese language as well.
Want to Learn Chinese With the Help of Music? – It’s No Easy Task!
But it’s […]

Tips for Teaching as a Second Language

Essential Tips for Teaching as a Second Language
Learning a second language opens up new possibilities for people to explore, including their culture, lifestyle which is very different from their own. Some people choose to study a second language for the love of it others might just have to because either they have to move to a foreign country or their work environments demands them too. Being fluent in second language is one of the most valuable skills one can own and impart in others.
Second Language Teaching: Guidelines to Follow
Here are a few tips to use in the classroom to make your students as excited about the second language as you are.
Problem Solving Role-Play
Give each of your students a task to perform, it could be as simple as grocery shopping. Do this in teams, so that they can communicate with each other , work on the script, help each other out […]

Content Based Instruction (CBI) Second Language Education

What is Content Based Instruction (CBI)?
Content Based Instruction or commonly known as CBI is a very vital approach towards language learning. Content based instruction is considered very important when it comes to providing help to people who are second language learners. The history of the word ‘content’ used to be different, the word used to mean different methods of grammar translation, vocabulary and audio-linguistic methodology or patterns of sounds that are in the form of dialogues.

However, the meaning of the word content largely evolved and now it is something known as the use of substance for second language teaching or learning.
Aspects of Content Based Instruction
In this article we are going to discuss several different facets of content based instruction. The facets that are up for discussion are listed below:

Advantages of content based instruction.
Comparing CBI with other approaches.
Inciting learners.
Dynamic learner participation.

Advantages of Content Based Instruction
Content based instruction comes with its fair […]

What is Second Language Learning?

The Basics of Second Language Learning or Second Language Acquirement
Second language learning is also known as L2 acquisition or second language acquirement. This is a process of learning a secondary language. For those who don’t know; secondary language is the language you learn apart from your primary language which is mostly the language of the place you are born in or grew up. Despite the fact it is called second language learning, the process also goes for learning three or four languages. Contrary to popular belief, second language learning solely depends on what the learners are doing, it doesn’t have any part in the teaching of a language.
Preliminary Plan
The academic field of secondary language learning is a sub-field of implemented philology and as compared to other fields, employed philology is relatively new and it is broadening itself. Apart from being a part of applied linguistics, second learning is also a part of other fields such as […]

Language Learning Help: What Language Should I Learn?

Overview on Language Learning
Language learning is a fun thing to do. Yes, it does require your time and patience; a lot more if the language you are learning is that has several layers but then again imagine being among group of friends and being able to speak a language to show off your skills. That’s not all, apart from the upper hand you have, learning a secondary language also helps you become more productive.
Which Language is Helpful and Should be Learned?
But the main question is; what language should I learn? Now getting access to a language learning centre is very easy but when it comes to deciding about the language you want to learn, things tend to get a bit difficult.

Most people want to learn a language that is fancy because they are not concerned with how practical it is. For instance; take Urdu or Hindi. Are these languages as […]

Free Educational Apps for Kids in High School

Top 7 Educational Apps for High School Kids
People joke around the fact that nowadays there are apps and software for almost everything. It’s actually quite right. Everyone has a smartphone or a tablet with them and that allows for a huge potential in all kinds of apps and tools to help make lives efficient and organized.

Specifically, when we look towards the education aspect and how teachers and students both can take huge benefit from the multitude of apps and software available. Steadily, many schools and educational institutions have basically made it compulsory for students to have certain educational apps and software pre-installed in their smartphones/tablets before enrolling for courses.

These educational apps are simply not limited to mathematics, trivia or puzzles but rather cover a wide variety of topics including guessing pictures, solving detective styled mysteries and other brilliantly crafted creative apps.
Must-Have Free Educational Apps and Software for Successful High School […]

List of Chinese Language Schools in Taiwan

Extensive List of Chinese Language Schools in Taiwan
Taiwan is considered as one of the best destinations that offer several reputed Chinese language schools. These schools are also famous for teaching Taiwanese as well as Hakka and Cantonese. The latter two languages aren’t as popular though. We have narrowed down a number of Chinese language schools in Taiwan along with their names and name of cities they are located in.

Check them out below

Tzu Chi University: The university is located in Hualien City, Hualien County. Speaking of courses, the university has its own centre for language studies. The university aims to provide the best language courses to students so they can learn to communicate better. Apart from Chinese, the university also has a department of English language and literature. Visit the university’s website for more details.
Taiwan Mandarin Institute: Taiwan Mandarin Institute is situated in Da’an District, […]

Best iPhone Applications to Learn Chinese

Learn Chinese With the Help of Best iPhone Applications
Thinking about placing China in your ‘must visit’ bucket list? You will definitely need to make a sincere effort to learn Chinese first. Knowing the local language always helps and even gives you an advantage against those people who lack fluency in Chinese.
Basics of Chinese Language
China’s official language is called as ‘Mandarin Chinese’ and has more than 1 billion people who speak the language. Judging by this sheer number, Chinese is probably the most known and used language in the world right now.

Once you have made the decision to learn Chinese, you need to first understand how the language is actually made. First and foremost, Chinese is a tonal language which basically means it has varying degree of pitches; one word can literally have 5 different meanings according to the context to which it is used. Similarly, the grammar that is used […]