Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Learning Mandarin Chinese With the Help of YouTube Channels
As China is becoming one of the leading economies of the world, more and more people want to learn the language, either for work or just for the interest of culture. If you are a Chinese student or someone who is eager to learn the Mandarin Chinese language but have already tried the usual tools to improve their knowledge like websites and blogs with no results. You are missing out on the internet’s most fun and useful video platform – YouTube.

YouTube is a free source of unlimited knowledge at your disposal that can be accessed with merely a few clicks of a finger.  When it comes to learning Mandarin Chinese, it is fairly hard to find a channel which relates to you in terms of presentation, since a quick Google search will produce tons of different channels you have no idea about. […]

Learn Chinese Language: 5 Songs That Will Help You Improve Your Dialect

Top Songs for Learning Chinese Language
The potential for music to act as a platform to learn new languages is widely ignored and even misunderstood. How often do you see yourself hymning lyrics of your favorite song? – This is repeated numerous times in a day, many times subconsciously. Repeating certain words of lyrics over and over again pretty much serves the purpose of learning new phrases of a particular language – All in good fun not to mention!

There have been proper research into this subject matter in order to observe how much learning can happen by singing in a foreign language and does it improve your knowledge of a foreign language? So science agrees; new languages can definitely be learnt with the help of music. The same of course goes for learning Chinese language as well.
Want to Learn Chinese With the Help of Music? – It’s No Easy Task!
But it’s […]

Best iPhone Apps to Learn French Language

Must-Have iPhone Apps to Learn French Language on the Go
Looking to take some time off from your daily routine and thinking about spending some well-deserved days in a place like Paris? Before you make a decision on that, make sure you have your French language basics sorted out!

All thanks to the internet and the usefulness of iPhone apps, learning the French language basics (and even advanced level) in a relatively short time is not impossible anymore. Be it the iPhone or the iPad, there are numerous iPhone apps to learn French.
Top 6 French Language Learning Apps
In this article, we’ll go through some of our team’s most favorite French language learning apps.
We had to start off the list with Duolingo. It simply is right up there with the best iPhone apps to learn French from. The strengths of the app are its interactive interface and its game based learning experience. When […]

Learn Chinese Fast with Easy Steps

Quick and Easy Tips for Learning Chinese in 5 Minutes

The Chinese language is the most extensively spoken language in the world with 1.1 billion speakers. It is the second most rampant language used online, with almost 15 % of internet users speaking Mandarin Chinese. There are some aspects of the Chinese language which makes it easier to learn it faster than other languages.

Chinese has a very simplified grammar compared to English and other Neo-Latin language because its words do not change in the past, present or future according to tenses. Learn the Chinese language quickly by stressing upon appropriate, easier  learning objectives and temporarily put off learning complex words.  If you want to learn Chinese fast, follow these guidelines and you will achieve rapid results.

Begin with Chinese Alphabets

Start off your learning journey by first learning its alphabets called Chinese Pinyin. If you want to learn Chinese fast, go through […]

How To Learn French?

Importance of Speaking and Learning French Language


After English, French is a language spoken by more then a hundred and seventy five people in approximately twenty nine countries. French is widely taught in majority of colleges and universities across the globe.

French is regarded as one of the most emotional and romantic of all the languages and this is why you come across a lot of romantic novels and poems which have been translated from French.

This article will serve as a quick guide for those who really want to know how to learn French.

Free French Learning Tips for Beginners

Buy a Good French Dictionary and Grammar Guide

The foremost thing you need to do is buy a handy English to French dictionary; spend a reasonable time understanding how a word in English is spelled and pronounced in French. Also purchase a quality book on French grammar so as to familiarize yourself […]